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Queuing Management System

Queue management system helps you organize your waiting lines by providing visitors with an easy ordering method – based on “first in first out”, pre-scheduled appointments, or more sophisticated methods.

The system provides easy audio-visual means for directing customers, friendly user interface for agents to manage lines and call customers forward, and useful tools for managers to control the level of service and get performance stats.

Our system is

  • Designed with the end customer in mind.
  • Simple and yet technologically advanced.
  • Extremely easy to operate. It is designed to help customers rather than confuse them with technical complexity.
  • Works with both types of counters – those having a PC, and those not having a PC.

It is specially designed to bring about order, efficiency and comfort in places such as banks, railway stations, public utility offices, health care and other places where people have to wait in line to get a service.