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IP TV, DVB, CATV & SMATV systems

IP TV (Internet protocol Television)

IPTV services are delivered using the architecture and networking methods of the Internet, instead of through traditional radio frequency broadcast or satellite.

The Internet protocol-based platform offers significant advantages, including the ability to integrate television with other IP-based services like high speed Internet access and VoIP.

A switched IP network also allows for the delivery of significantly more content and functionality. In a typical TV or satellite network, using broadcast video technology, all the content constantly flows downstream to each customer, and the customer switches the content at the set-top box. The customer can select from as many choices as the telecoms, cable or Satellite Company can stuff into the “pipe” flowing into the home. A switched IP network works differently. Content remains in the network, and only the content the customer selects is sent into the customer’s home.

Digital Video Broadcasting Head End systems

The receivers enable flexible selection of free-to-air and scrambled services from DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-C or DVB-ASI sources, which can be adjusted to the operator’s service line-up with the built-in advanced transport stream processing capabilities.

  • Multiple services per receiver – high efficiency, lower investments
  • Embedded security – descrambling and scrambling within a receiver module
  • Hot swap as standard – swap the module and remain the configurations

Satellite and terrestrial receivers are available as quad-receiver model or dual-receiver model with DVB descrambling. As one receiver can process entire multiplex, the amount of received services can be vast and practically unlimited. The optional descrambling uses DVB Common Interface modules flexibly supporting large variety of Conditional Access Systems.

CATV System

A head-end unit is installed to receive the signals from a digital aerial, satellite dish or in some cases both. This unit processes the signals into the pre-selected range of RF channels and distributes them to each point.  User can then access selected channels direct to Television.

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is a community distribution system for signals received via satellite, terrestrial networks or radio.Multiple satellite signals are connected to Multi switch. These switches distribute signal to end user. End user can use appropriate satellite receiver / decoder to receive the channels. SMATV networks are used in Residential building, Hotel apartments, some small housing estates hotels, hospitals, corporate sectors.