Services ยป Asset Tagging, Bar-coding and Control

Asset Tagging, Bar-coding and Control

Bar Coded Asset Tags allow you to identify your assets easily and electronically. Asset Tags are for identifying and tracking property - from office furniture and computers - to heavy equipment. Our system will enable your company to protect and preserve its assets and prevent theft and loss.

Asset identification easily understood as labels, decals, nameplates or tags that identify a piece of equipment as being owned by your company. We carries a large selection of asset identification, including a great offering of bar-coded id tags, non-bar coded id tags, nameplates, tamper evident labels and decals and more.

What equipment is important to track using asset id tags, labels and decals? Any piece of equipment that is valuable. This equipment can include, but is not limited to computer and electronics, heavy machinery, small power tools, appliances, telephone equipment and much more.

Boradway Technologies has asset control system for all asset management and security issues. The complete history of an asset or employee's movement is logged by the system through the use of active asset and personnel tags.

When an unauthorized event occurs important security information is immediately visible in the alarm monitor. Security controllers can see graphical and form views of an alarm event as it is happening.